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Welcome To The
Mental Magic - Unique Healing Technique


Soothing Anxiety. Releasing Inner Peace

Are you currently -

  • Dealing with an anxiety disorder, serious over-thinking and depression?

  • Managing long term health conditions and / or aches and pains?

  • Living unhappily with sleep disorders?

  • Struggling from low confidence or self esteem?

  • Suffering with post-traumatic stress disorder?

  • Engaging in spiritual or personal development?

  • Wanting to clear the clutter in your mind in order to become more effective or peaceful?

  • Managing grief or co-dependency?

  • Interested in healing that includes sound and music?


Hello, I'm Charlie


As a result of working with people in a personal development setting, occasionally, my clients would bring up subjects painful to them, that resulted in an emotional revelation.

After the session had ended, my duty as a professional, was to ensure they left, able to function and in some cases, drive safely. So in these situations, I began to implement a package of holistic healing skills I'd been using separately for many years. This all lead to developing a unique therapeutic, mental healing process. MORE

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