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Let me introduce myself...


Hi there, I'm Charlie and I’m originally from Yorkshire but for the last few years, I have been lucky enough to live in the beautiful village of Great Missenden, Buckinghamshire; made famous by the children's author Roald Dahl. 

Part of my own soul path, was a personal dramatic transformation…


This Morning, with Fern and Phil

daily pp.jpg

Appearing on the Daily Politics Show

My start in life was chaotic. I was taken away from my birth mother who was mentally unstable and a hoarder. I then went into the care system, where I survived many traumatic events and made poor choices, that didn't just affect me.

As an adult I was eventually diagnosed as vulnerable and as having high-functioning autism and ADHD (among other "neurodivergence's"). By then life had already gone seriously off-track, in a story that sounds like something you would watch on Netflix. In my 20's, I won Koestler awards for short stories and poetry which inspired me to take several creative writing courses. But it still took years for me to get myself into a good place. 


In 2006 Hodder and Stoughton published my first book and I became a Sunday Times best seller. I appeared on every major UK news channel, had my story serialised in the Daily Mail, appeared on many chat shows including The Daily Politics Show, Lorraine, Loose Women, This Morning and Trisha. 

Since then, it's become my life mission, to assist people to achieve their best version of self. 

I learned the hard way what a person's "vibration" is, who it attracts, as well as strategies to reduce - cognitive impulsivity, mind chaos as well as lack of emotional discipline that can de-rail us so easily. But don't get me wrong, this isn't a quick fix, there are practices you or we, need to maintain regularly, this kind of process is always a work in progress!


Lorraine Kelly ITV

"An intelligent articulate woman. An incredible life - an extraordinary story.” 


Daily Mail

 "A story of triumph over adversity" 


Trisha Goddard
ITV 2006

"She's been there, done that,

got the t-shirt

and come through with flying colours!"


The Independent Newspaper

"Charlie's is the kind of positive story that the government would like to replicate across the country" 

perfect loose - Copy.jpg

Kay Adams, Loose Women ITV

"Nice lady - very articulate. We are all fascinated"  

(Charlie centre)

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