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This is definitely the best way to enjoy the session.


The time includes tea and a chat.

You are on the premises for two hours.

90 minutes is for the technique. 


Cost £100, 2 hours.

I also offer online sessions, see below


 MORE about my location


Essential Booking Info
For online sessions

Booking an online session? Please consider your environment: ​

  • If you are able, this process is always better in-person. You can visit me in Bucks (see below) 

  • You must be situated in a private, quiet environment with no chance of interruptions or distractions such as children or pets. This cannot be your car.

  • You should be sat in a comfortable chair or lie semi-upright on a bed.

  • Your device must be facing you and fixed to a stand, (situated on a desk or table that is on solid ground and  not resting on you or anything you are sat on).

  • Your device needs a working camera and a good signal - not public Wi-Fi, it must also be fully charged

  • A Zoom link is sent automatically with your booking confirmation, for Teams or Skype, please indicate in the notes when booking

  • Reschedules are done online giving 12 hours notice on advance sessions, and 4 hours on short notice slots. (Use the make changes button on your confirmation email)

  • I don't accept manual bookings due to the secure payment system and up to the minute online diary. I understand if you have concerns about online payments, which is why I use a third party secure provider called Stripe

  • My booking system is GDPR compliant. I will never share your details without permission unless I am required to do so by law or for ethical reasons.

ONLINE Sessions
- Hours & Fees

Booking form will show my company name, Chat 2 Charlie.



Available 9am until midnight,


(Including most weekends and holidays)

Often with just 15 minutes notice!

Hours may vary & subject to availability


This discounted rate is only available 10am-3pm weekdays


AND requires 24 hours notice

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