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The Value of Mental Magic


Let's begin your journey to a more peaceful. productive and rewarding mind.

Welcome! I'm Charlie and I want to show you how to let go of anxiety and overthinking, manage the symptoms of depression and go on to become a more productive, healed version of yourself.

Mental Magic ...


  • A one-on-one targeted, holistic, customised approach, tailored (in every session) to your specific needs

  • Helping you reach your best version of authentic, balanced self which can improve overall quality of life and bring joy

  • Helping to reduce the stress and over thinking that can lead to anxiety, which might lead to a more effective you

  • To assist naturally, the elevation of hormones that prevent depression or mood swings

  • An enjoyable alternative to drugs for pain management 

  • Helping to improve sleep, reducing insomnia and manage sleep disorders

  • Offering positive mindset strategies to work on confidence and self esteem

  • Useful in reducing long term post traumatic symptoms (PTSD)

If you intend to reduce or stop using medications, you must only do so with the knowledge and assistance of your GP or specialists. Often Mental Magic (especially at the start) is a useful adjacent, but not always a complete alternative

Setting the right vibe

Chinese Wedding Tea Ceremony

Part of my process is to make you feel 'at home'. I avoid the clinical environment and approach. Yes, I have boundaries and ethics - however for me it's more important, that during our session, you see me as a supportive friend - not a clinician.

You can use the therapy as an alternative to counselling, either to prevent future meltdowns (prevention is always better than cure) or when you feel in an emotional crisis and urgently need support. In this second situation, there will be times when I have to judge if me or my technique is even your best first call. I also may turn you away if you are emotionally volatile or irrational. If you are visiting me in-person, you can also try one of my handmade herbal healing teas, which are also available to buy. 

You can attend from the comfort of your own armchair using Zoom, Teams or Skype

This doesn't affect the effectiveness of Mental Magic, and costs less than visiting me. The only difference is the pastoral care. See further down for the actual technique details. 

Please note, if you have ever been diagnosed with schizophrenia, or are on any anti-psychotic medications I will be unable to work with you. Sadly I am also unable to work with blind or deaf people.

For more about what happens during the session, read on...

The Technique

On your first session, we'd have some admin to do. Then we'd start with an informal chat about why you have chosen this therapy, at which point I will intuitively figure which sort of detail I am going to add. 

  • Then once you are comfortable in a soft chair, I will ask you to close your eyes.

  • You will feel in control at all times, you may feel in a light trance. This is due to the use of (optional) hypnotherapy. 

  • When we have achieved the light trance state or total physical relaxation, we go into a guided meditation, I use a range of different "locations" to mentally take you to with great detail.

  • In the background I use relevant sound effects to enhance this experience, for example rain in a forest or waves on a beach, depending on the setting I selected for you. 

  • Then, once it is clear you are in an even more, deeply relaxed state I will take you to another level, and use specialist healing sounds and music

  • After the session we will chat about the experience a little but nothing too heavy.

  • Book regular sessions for best results and I can show you some home techniques if you are interested

When you come around, you might feel as if you have slept for weeks, have been able to clear your mind and some report feelings of euphoria. 

How Mental Magic Came About


When trauma, anxiety, pain and suffering, comes to the surface during a therapeutic setting, there's an ethical responsibility to ensure the person doesn't leave in a vulnerable state. So when this happened in several of my coaching sessions, I didn't just want to just let clients walk off with a sticking plaster. I've had this happen to me personally, after a psychotherapy session. Sometimes it's like trying to shove a lid back on a jar whilst worms are still coming out. So where it was appropriate, I started with implementing either hypnotherapy or guided meditations. Later I added the specialist Solfeggio frequencies, (and sometimes Binaural beats) healing music. It was surprisingly effective and many clients returned asking for this as part of their regular session.


Another inspiration for this service, was the need for my clients to move forwards with their lives when they felt tied to the past. Many had tried Past Life Regression with me. Others felt it was too much of a stretch of the imagination. Either way, I felt there was a lack of moving forwards with the Past Life Regression. For me what was important was living in the moment with a view to having a more successful future, not living in the wrong "time zone".  Past Life Regression, offers fascinating insights on previous lives, but there is no guarantee you will enter the life that makes sense of the challenges in this one. 


For years I attended psychotherapy, counselling and many other talking therapies as well as Past Life Regression. Yes, they work for some, but I didn't feel they had helped me. Sometimes giving energy to something seems somehow to feed it. I know that my technique works, not just down to feedback, not just testimonials but even the act of delivering Mental Magic even improves my own well-being!








I'm TOTALLY passionate to go on this journey with you!

Charlie Daniels, Sunday Times Best-Selling Author 



Qualifications include but are not limited to: 

  • Teaching Meditation – Dip.

  • Clinical Hypnotherapy – Dip.

  • Safeguarding the Vulnerable - Cert.

  • Psychology & Sociology - Certs.

My services are also fully insured by Hiscox. 


So instead of letting anxiety negatively affect your career, relationships and peace of mind


- let's start dealing with that over-thinking. Just don't procrastinate over contacting me for too long - the sooner we start - the more of your goals we can achieve!

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