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Healing from the inside…

Have you ever considered the healing properties of plants? Did you know there are some plants that have scientifically backed evidence that shows they can reduce inflammation, lower blood pressure, soothe the tummy, help with urinary tract infections, assist the balancing of hormones, rejuvenate, relax or even sedate?

Have you heard of, but are confused by words such as Ashwagandha, Maca, Valerian, Matcha, Sencha but you don’t know where to start? Maybe you spent a fortune on superfood powders and supplements but found them tricky to integrate into everyday life...


What if I told you I can help you to heal yourself?

With a simple, herbal, delicious custom-made tea, we can start to change your health and well-being. I have lots of stunning flavours such as strawberry, rose, peppermint, lemon verbena, chamomile. As well as some that won’t be everyone’s “cup of tea” such as ginger, lavender, liquorice and dandelion.

My products are handled in a safe environment but should not be purchased by anyone with any kind of food allergy for safety reasons. If you are pregnant or breast-feeding, please mention this as it will affect which ingredients we can use. I have been a herbalist for many years and over a period of time my ingredient list has become so extensive its taking over my home!

These are LOOSE LEAF teas and as such require a tea-ball or tea-pot. I also sell the tea-balls. It literally takes seconds to put a teaspoon of your tea into the ball and leave it in your cup. Not much more effort than using a tea bag but with lots of health benefits. These teas are not designed to drink with milk.

All of my ingredients are organic and ethically sourced. If you are visiting for Mental Magic, or you live locally, email ahead and I can make up a taster for you. Because my teas are made especially for each client, and with quality ingredients, you will pay a little more than supermarket products. However, they are not expensive and once we decide which tea you need, I can give you a quote for 100, 250 or 500g amounts. The more you buy the better the deal.

Keep healthy and happy, Charlie

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